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Advisory about the 11th EPS-TOPIK this year

Conducting 11th EPS-TOPIK in the Philippines  

(additional test for year 2014)



The 10th EPS-TOPIK PBT conducted last June 29 and EPS-TOPIK CBT being conducted since July 3 to July 20’s partial test result is expected to be around 3,200 but is only estimated to be around 1,600 which is half of the expected number of passers to pass the test.

Therefore, announcement of 10th EPS TOPIK Passers and Skills Test will be moved from August 5 to July 29 and we will announce the 11th EPS-TOPIK in the Philippines schedule to prepare for the survey for those who are interested to take the test.


1. Changed Announcement Schedule of 10th EPS-TOPIK Test Result and Skills Test



        Previous              Changed       Remark   
 Changed announcement schedule

of 10th EPS-TOPIK and

Skills Test

   Aug. 5, 2014      July 29, 2014  


2. Conducting 11th EPS-TOPIK in the Philippines (additional test for year 2014)

  Survey for Interested Applicants (POEA website) : July 29 ~ Aug. 6, 2014

* Reminder: Applicants who are qualified to register must be male and must not be more than 38 years old. Interested applicants should prepare his valid passport to do the survey. Please prepare valid passport before the survey period. You must respond to the said survey within the survey period to take the test, if you didn’t respond to the said survey within the survey period, you can’t take the test.

  Announcement of 11th EPS-TOPIK : Aug. 28, 2014

  * Please check your name for registration date.

  Registration Period : Sept. 8 ~ Sept. 12, 2014 (5 days)

  * Registration is applicable only for those who responded to the survey  

     and with valid passport only, please register on your designated

     registration date.

  Announcement of Test Venue and Time : Oct. 16, 2014

  Actual Test Date : Nov. 16 , 2014

  Announcement of Test Result : Nov. 28, 2014

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