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Announcement of Test Venue (Date & Time) of the 11th EPS-TOPIK in Philippines

Source: POEA website
Posted: Oct. 29, 2014

1.Test Date : November 16 (Sun), 2014

2. Designated Classroom due time
○ (1st Session) Designated classroom due time (on or before) 07:00 AM ~ 09:00AM
Examinees should be in their designated test rooms by 09:00AM. After 09:00 AM, examinees cannot enter the test room.
○ (2nd Session) Designated classroom due time (on or before) 12:00PM ~ 14:00PM
Examinees should be in their designated test rooms by 14:00PM. After 14:00PM, examinees cannot enter the test room.
Examinee’s Orientation:
○ (1st Session) 09:00~10:00
○ (2nd Session) 14:00~15:00
Test Time:
○ (1st Session) 10:00~10:40 Reading/10:40~11:10 Listening
○ (2nd Session) 15:00~15:40 Reading/15:40~16:10 Listening
○ Announcement of Test Room: Will be posted on the bulletin board at the test venue on the test date.
- Time to announce (1st session): after 07:00 AM
- Time to announce (2nd session): after 12:00 PM

3. Things to bring on the test day
○ Things to bring
- Passport (Examinees must bring their Passport which is the same with the one attached on the application form. If not, the test taker can’t take the test)
- Admission Ticket
- Black colored pen
* Things not to bring : Electronic and communication devices such as mobile phones, PDA, correction fluid, tapes, etc.

4. Notice for Examinee
○ Check the Test Venue and Date & Time exactly(Examinee can take the test only at the designated test venue and Date & Time).
- If there is a need for correction on the name of the examinee, the examinee should approach and report it to the proctor who is assigned at the test room during the examinees’ orientation time. The examinees should fill out ‘Written confirmation for the personal data discrepancy’. After finish the test, HRD Korea will correct the name.
** The name written on the test form must be the SAME on the Passport. If there are any differences, write the correct one the DISCREPANCY LIST. If differences were not fixed, the applicant may not be allowed to enter/work in Korea.**
○ On the test date, one set of test paper and one answer sheet will be distributed to every applicant and the applicant’s name, registration number and designated type of test paper will be printed (marked) already on each answer sheet.
- An applicant should confirm his/her name and registration number
which are printed on his/her answer sheet when receiving the answer sheet. An applicant also should receive the same type of test paper with the printed type of test paper on the answer sheet(type A,B,C or D).
- Any mistakes or errors caused by the type of test paper are on the responsible of the applicant. For this reason, all applicants should confirm the type of test paper which he/she receives is the same with the one printed on the answer sheet before the test starts.
○ Only one answer sheet will be distributed for each applicant, Replacement and Modification of answer sheet is not permitted, so examinee must complete the answer sheet carefully.
- Correction of answers on the answer sheet with correction fluid or
tapes will be regarded as wrong answer.○ Verification of identity by face will be conducted by proctors (including HRD Korea Proctor), so examinee must bring Passport on test day. (If not, can’t take the test).
○ Applicants must use black color pen when mark the answer. (answers marked with a pencil or other color pen shall be regarded as invalid).
○ During the test, Applicants can’t use the toilet and can’t leave the test room(If leave the test room during the test, his/her test would regarded as invalid or cheating).
○ Having and Using of electronic and communication devices such as mobile phones, PDA, and etc is prohibited anywhere in the test venue during the test day(if examinee have or use them during test, he/she will be regarded as cheater).
○ In case of Cheating during the test, test will be void and examinee will NOT be eligible for taking the test for 2 years.

5.Test Venue by Application No. Range
Region Test Venue Session Application No. Range
① San Beda College
1st 20000001-20001649
2nd 20003807-20005420
② San Sebastian College
1st 20001650-20003139
2nd 20005421-20006906
③ The National Teachers College
1st 20003140-20003806
2nd 20006907-20007553
④ Don Mariano Marcos Memorial University
1st 20014001-20014797
2nd 20014798-20015594

Korean HRD lauded for assisting 6,889 Kapampangan workers



Advisory about the 11th EPS-TOPIK this year

Conducting 11th EPS-TOPIK in the Philippines  

(additional test for year 2014)



The 10th EPS-TOPIK PBT conducted last June 29 and EPS-TOPIK CBT being conducted since July 3 to July 20’s partial test result is expected to be around 3,200 but is only estimated to be around 1,600 which is half of the expected number of passers to pass the test.

Therefore, announcement of 10th EPS TOPIK Passers and Skills Test will be moved from August 5 to July 29 and we will announce the 11th EPS-TOPIK in the Philippines schedule to prepare for the survey for those who are interested to take the test.


1. Changed Announcement Schedule of 10th EPS-TOPIK Test Result and Skills Test



        Previous              Changed       Remark   
 Changed announcement schedule

of 10th EPS-TOPIK and

Skills Test

   Aug. 5, 2014      July 29, 2014  


2. Conducting 11th EPS-TOPIK in the Philippines (additional test for year 2014)

  Survey for Interested Applicants (POEA website) : July 29 ~ Aug. 6, 2014

* Reminder: Applicants who are qualified to register must be male and must not be more than 38 years old. Interested applicants should prepare his valid passport to do the survey. Please prepare valid passport before the survey period. You must respond to the said survey within the survey period to take the test, if you didn’t respond to the said survey within the survey period, you can’t take the test.

  Announcement of 11th EPS-TOPIK : Aug. 28, 2014

  * Please check your name for registration date.

  Registration Period : Sept. 8 ~ Sept. 12, 2014 (5 days)

  * Registration is applicable only for those who responded to the survey  

     and with valid passport only, please register on your designated

     registration date.

  Announcement of Test Venue and Time : Oct. 16, 2014

  Actual Test Date : Nov. 16 , 2014

  Announcement of Test Result : Nov. 28, 2014

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